Implemented Projects

shwan Kirkuk company for oxidized asphalt production:

The plant was established in 2010 according to the approval of the Directorate of Industrial Development / Ministry of Industry and Minerals.
  • Project’s goal: oxidized asphalt production.
  • Location: Kirkuk
  • The operational capacity of the plant: 1100 tons/day.
  • Nutrition: Black oil (RCR) from Kirkuk refinery.
  • Cost: 45 million dollars.
  • Products: Light gas oil, heavy gas oil, oxidized asphalt.

Al-Barham Depot:

The depot was established according to the approval of the Ministry of Oil in accordance with the Law of Import and Sale of Petroleum Products No. 9 of 2006.
  • Project’s goal: storage and distribution of oil derivatives.
  • Location: Kirkuk governorate.
  • Storage capacity of the depot: 30000 cubic meters distributed over 6 tanks, the capacity of each tank 5000 cubic meters.
  • Cost: 18 million dollars.
  • The depot has a modern filling station.

Projects under implementation:

Hydrogenation Unit Project and Improvement of Gasoline for Improved Gasoline Production:

The Ministry of Oil has been contracted to set up an integrated petrol production unit to conform to European standards.
  • Project’s goal: Improved gasoline production conforming to European standards.
  • Operational capacity of the complex: 12000 barrels / day.
  • Nutrition: Naphtha from the refinery of Kirkuk / natural gasoline from the North Gas Company.

Solvent Production Factory

It is a mini refinery unit to produce Naphtha, Special spirit and white spirit solvent in Kirkuk, bringing the total capacity to 600 m^3 per day.
  • The feed of this plant would be gas condensate and the products would be high quality special spirit and white spirit solvent (more than 70 percent) and naphtha and small amount of residue.
  • Location : Kirkuk
  • Project Area : 1000 m2